The Green Land of the Blue Mines

History & Background

In the native language of the Chibcha culture, the word Chivor means “Green and Rich Earth”, hinting at the ecosystem and definitely at its emeralds, which are the highest standard of its wealth. Although the Chivor region is essentially agricultural, the mining sector ranks second in importance to the local economy

Chivor is a municipality located on the Eastern Mountain Range, in the extreme south-east of the Eastern Province, in the Department of Boyacá, Colombia, just 90 km from the country’s capital, and although it only has a little more than 2,100 inhabitants, its emerald deposits become protagonists of great interest to the mining sector. It has several mines of which we can highlight 4 that are the most important. Of course “Chivor”, which bears the same name as the municipality, “Gualí”, “Buenavista” and “Mundo Nuevo”.

Like all emerald territories, Chivor had to go through various processes of colonisation, first by native Caribs, Chibchas and Muiscas Indians, and then by Spanish conquerors, who in 1537 took over the region to make use of its wealth.

Later, in 1896, the Chivor region was “rediscovered” by a Colombian mining engineer, thanks to a description of the locality, found in an ancient manuscript dating from the 16th century.

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The World's Brightest Gemstones

Although the Chivor mines are in third place compared to the Muzo and Coscuez mines, there is a special feature that allows them the bronze medal with respect to their neighbouring regions, and it is the fact that in the “Chivor” mine specifically, it is usual to find veins of emeralds of “Blue” tone, which turns the gem that has it, into a highly fine and exclusive stone.

Currently, the “Chivor” mine is the only emerald mine in Colombia, which is in private hands. If you have a gem from the Chivor region, and especially if it is bluish, you can be sure of owning a truly precious stone!

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Trade Area

To ensure we maintain the integrity of our Gemstones, there are no 3rd parties involved in our operations. We deal directly with the mines, they are then cut and polished by us, graded by authorised and recognised labs, and delivered to you, direct from our Australian HQ.