About Us

Colonial Gemstones is a company in the international market for high-level of Colombian emeralds. We commercialise the most exclusive and great stones that exist, and we focus on improving the entire process of traceability of the finest and most desired gem in the world, taking it to its highest level, certifying and guaranteeing the exclusivity of our gems and custom jewellery. 

We provide reliability and quality certainty to all our clients, taking dazzling gems that we have taken care of from their origin in the most productive mines in the world, and introducing them to the Australian market to put them directly into your hands.

Not only do we help you live experience of elegance and style, but we also help you do profitable business if you decide to see the Colombian emeralds as an investment.


Colonial Gemstones, dedicated to exporting emeralds in Australia, will concentrate aid to bring more than 100 grocery baskets to workers in this area.

Social Work

Social development works within emerald producing mining areas; research programs for industrial growth & product promotion projects internationally.