Colombia’s most prestigious mining province

History & Background

The Muzo region receives its name from the people of the Muzo Indians of the Caribbean ethnic group, who settled in Muisca territory, fighting bloody battles to colonise it, and then to avoid being colonised by the Spanish, who since the discovery of America, tried to take over this beautiful region, which finally happened in the year 1,551, when they were finally defeated by the conqueror Luis Lancheros.

With a total extension of 136 km², a little less than 10,000 inhabitants and a temperate climate that averages 26 °C, the wonderful territory of Muzo, which according to its inhabitants, was blessed by the God “Aré”, owns the emerald mines largest and most productive worldwide. The exploitation of these mines represents 75% of all the economic activity in the region and the income of its inhabitants.

The Muzo mines, exploited since before European colonisation, are located in the western emerald belt in the Department of Boyacá, between the towns of “Quipama” and “Muzo”, and it is estimated that their deposits have a period of formation of between 3 and 3.2 million years, hence the quality and colour of the emeralds from these mines.

The World's Most Exclusive Gemstones

The most valuable “Oil Drop, or Gota de Aceite in Spanish” emeralds on the planet have come from the Muzo mines, and it is not strange since these mines produce the purest stones on the planet and with the most intense green hue of the 40 existing ones, in addition to some precipitates of calcite, that contribute the characteristic aspect of these gems. There are other types of inclusions that characterise the emeralds extracted from the Muzo mines, such as the parisite crystals that have a dark honey colour. The Colombian emeralds of almost any deposit, present triphasic, liquid-gas-solid toothed inclusions, the latter being a cubic crystal of sodium chloride.

By virtue of the above, Muzo is known as the world capital of emerald, and for that reason, it is located in the most privileged place on the map of businesses based on this precious stone.

Whoever owns an emerald from a Muzo Boyacá mine, can be sure of having one of the most valuable, exclusive and fine stones in the world!

Trade Area

To ensure we maintain the integrity of our Gemstones, there are no 3rd parties involved in our operations. We deal directly with the mines, they are then cut and polished by us, graded by authorised and recognised labs, and delivered to you, direct from our Australian HQ.

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