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1. Buy loose Emeralds directly from the Mine

Our stones are sourced directly from the mine, allowing us to ensure the stones are of the highest quality. Bringing more transparency to every step in the Emerald industry. In addition, this reduces the layers of communication and labour involved and allows us to offer more competitive pricing.

At Colonial Gemstones, we understand the importance of having the flexibility to choose the specific style and appearance of an emerald. These are precious items, and we want you to be able to personalise them as much as possible for your clients.

Customer service is at the forefront of our company mission, and we strive to be responsive and efficient with all your queries and requests.

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2. Traceability

Colonial Gemstones is involved in every stage of the emerald’s life, from the moment it is extracted from the mine. We are given priority to select each individual stone. Our stones are then cut and polished by specialists who have extensive experience in the field.

Once this process is complete, the stones are sent for grading and certification in Colombia and again upon arrival at their final destination, if necessary.

Have confidence knowing that Colonial Gemstones is involved every step of the way, ensuring that the final product you purchase is completely authentic and delivered with care and professionalism.

3. Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, with rapid response times and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Be at ease knowing our stones are certified, 100% natural and handled in an ethical manner.

In addition, we also provide complimentary stone cleaning and inspection to prevent damages and to maintain the quality and overall appearance of your stones.

Good Quality Colombian emeralds

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Colonial Gemstone specialises in sourcing, cutting and marketing Emeralds originating from the mines in Colombia.

This extensive geographical area, following along the Andes Mountains, contains some of the finest precious gemstones in the world.

We know the locations and details concerning the source of the gemstones and the way in which these gemstones are extracted, cut and prepared for sale.
Jewellery Designer/Makers, Jewellery Retailers can sign up to access to our Online platform.

Colonial Gemstones sells only to legitimate jewellery designer-makers and jewellery retailers from anywhere around the world.
For any other interest please email us or contact directly from Our Contact page

  • ​All applications for access are received for verification.
  • There is no automatic access to the Global BTP.
  • Access will only be given to the shops upon presentation of verification of authenticity as a designer-maker or jewellery retailers.
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