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As a company, we at Colonial Gemstones take our promise to our customers very seriously. It’s not just a mere commitment; it’s a statement that we live by. Our aim is to offer the best prices, value and products to every customer that walks through our doors.

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Colonial Gemstones: Your Source for the World’s Finest Colombian Emeralds. Discover the Most Exclusive and Magnificent Stones in the International Market.


Uncover the rich history and remarkable beauty by visiting our blog. Read fascinating articles to gain a deeper appreciation for this exquisite gemstone!

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You’re not sure what to do or who to believe? Sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust. Especially when it comes to important decisions.  [Read More]

Much has been speculated on where the best emeralds in the world are produced. The arguments are ongoing, but the experts always make their comparisons between Colombian emeralds versus the emeralds of Zambia and Brazil. [Read More]

The value of an Colombian emeralds is higher or similar when compared to other gemstones and this can determinate how much are emeralds worth.  [Read More] 

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We used 100% handmade goldsmithing techniques and highlighted the diversity all our resources, including our main product the emerald. 

The rough material is natural emerald in its maximum splendor extracted from the mines located in Colombian mines. 

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