Wholesale Gemstones

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Colonial Gemstones sells only to legitimate jewellery designer-makers and jewellery retailers from anywhere around the world.
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All applications for access are received for verification.

There is no automatic access to the Global BTP.

Access will only be given to the shops upon presentation of verification of authenticity as a designer-maker or jewellery retailers.

Our buyers are jewellers, retailers and designers

At Colonial Gemstones, we place particular importance on maintaining high standards and at a very favourable price. Due to the compliance and performance levels we have set, we continue to expand our wholesale gemstones quality service directly to jewellers, designers and collectors all over the world.

We work hard to supply perfect emeralds with either symmetry or brilliance and of a high standard. The certificates endorse the emeralds as legitimate, and these are issued by some of the most recognised laboratories worldwide, such as CDTEC, GEMTECH, SSEF, GRS, AGL, GÜBELIN and other international laboratories.

– The industry’s lowest prices
– Jewellery handcrafted by artisans around the world

If you would like to know more about our services and spectacular products, simply register your company, and we will contact you right away.

wholesale gemstones

Deluxe and Brightest Emeralds

Colombian mines is not only the largest and most majestic on the planet, it is also the mines that produces the brightest emeralds in the world. This unique feature, together with the yellowish and bluewish tone and the absence of parisite crystals, distinguishes colombian’s emeralds since, for their other details, they are very similar gems.

Having an emerald from Colombian’s mine is synonymous with greatness and rarity, as it is surely one of the brightest emeralds in the world!