Social work

The good administration of FEDESMERALDAS has made it possible for them to devote resources towards social development in emerald-producing mining areas as well research programs that help promote their industry and product.

FEDESMERALDAS, the invested resources of National Emerald Fund attached to Ministry of Mines in Colombia and has a serious policy regarding transparency honesty with their investment which allocated on three fronts: social development works within emerald producing mining areas; research programs for industrial growth & product promotion projects internationally.


Expansion of the Édgar Alonso Pulido Solano Hospital in the municipality of Pauna, which benefits 14,000 people.

Expansion of the health center of the San Pablo de Borbur municipality, which benefits 7,000 people.

Construction of the health center in the district of Zulia, municipality of Maripí (Boyacá) that shelters 2,000 people.

Provision of the new headquarters of the ESE Edgar Alonso Pulido Solano Health Center in the municipality of Pauna.

Construction of the new headquarters of the ESE Hospital Santa Ana in the municipality of Muzo, which will benefit a population of 21,000 inhabitants of Muzo and the surrounding regions.


Extension of the Medina de Silva school, Matacafé village (Muzo).

Provision and adaptation of the computer rooms of the Agro-industrial Technical College in the district of Zulia, Maripí.

Expansion of the Santa Bárbara School in Borbur (Boyacá).

Remodeling and equipping of the Nuestra Señora de la Paz educational institution in the municipality of Quípama (Boyacá).

Remodeling of the La Esmeralda Agricultural and Technical Educational Institution in the municipality of Chivor.

Construction of the perimeter fence of the Jaime Campos Jácome Technical Educational Institution in the Municipality of Macanal (Boyacá).