About Us

Colonial Gemstones operates within the global market, specializing in the distribution of premium Colombian emeralds. Our focus lies in offering the most exquisite and exceptional stones available, with a commitment to enhancing the entire traceability process for the world’s most coveted gem. We elevate the emerald experience to its highest point by certifying and ensuring the exclusivity of our gems and bespoke jewelry.

Our dedication to providing reliability and quality assurance is unwavering. We meticulously source brilliant gems from the most prolific mines in colombia, overseeing their journey from origin to market. These carefully curated emeralds are introduced to the international market, placing unparalleled beauty directly into your hands.

Beyond facilitating an experience of elegance and style, we also empower you to engage in profitable ventures. Whether you seek the allure of Colombian emeralds for personal enjoyment or view them as an investment, Colonial Gemstones is your trusted partner in the world of exceptional gemstones.

The Mines

Renowned region in Colombia known for producing some of the world’s finest emeralds. Muzo has a rich history of emerald mining, and its gemstones are highly graded for their exceptional quality and vibrant green color

Social Work

Social development works within emerald producing mining areas; research programs for industrial growth & product promotion projects internationally.


Colonial Gemstones, dedicated to exporting emeralds in Australia, will concentrate aid to bring more than 1000 grocery hampers to workers in this area.


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