About Us

Colonial Gemstones is a Global Gemstone export company. We sell top quality Colombian Emeralds to individuals, retailers; we’re also focussed on custom jewellery design.

About Our Stones

Colonial Gemstones are directly picked and selected from the Mines in Colombia, there are no third-party sellers involved. All stones’ cutting processes are done in Bogotá. 

All of our stones are natural. We do not sell treated or heated gemstones.

Yes, you will receive a certificate. That will be provided by “A” class International Gemological laboratories. 

Yes. Every stone is unique, by its natural colour, clarity, and weight. On our website, each stone is matching with its respective photo and description. And we do not use computer renderings to offer nonexistent items.

Step 1: Our experienced online jewellery consultant can answer all your questions. 

All of our stones are matching with their respective pictures and descriptions. If you are interested in any stones, we have experienced an online jewellery consultant team to answer all your questions, you can contact us by phone, email, or online chat.  

Our online consultant team can speak: English, Spanish, and Chinese, please ask your preferred language, and then, we will transfer you to the right person. 

Step 2: Book for an online video consultation. The video session covers: 

Show you the particular stones that you have a request for.

Explain the colours, clarity, etc.

Choose other stone options.

What final product will look like.

We have a highly experienced consultant team handling stones, designing, and selling luxury jewellery. We will revival unique jewellery designs, to fit every budget. 

We are a global gemstones export company, we can send stones to most countries around the world.

For Retailers

For retailers, please submit the retail pre-order form, our staff will then contact you to attend your request.

By doing Pre-orders, we will ensure you are completely satisfied with the product. We will send a photo of stock options, that is closest to your request. If you are interested in any stocks, we will provide a video consultation. Once you are agreed to purchase, within 5 working days, the deposit must pay in front.

Yes, all of our stones will be certified if is requested previously.

We will assess each pre-order request, if you have any questions or considerations, feel free to contact us.

About Custom Design

Option 1: If you already have a design, based on your request, we can customise it for you.

Option 2: You can choose a design from our jewellery catalogue, with the unique jewellery designs that fit your budget.

Yes, you can make changes during the process, depending on the change, however, that might slow down the process, and prices of the changes might vary.

You need to make a 50% deposit, the balance can be paid after jewellery completed. 

Payment Information

Sorry, the instalment will not be accepted at this stage.

Yes, we do accept PayPal.

Yes, we do accept US dollars, if payment transfer is done directly to our business account.

We will provide the respective receipt, stone, and jewellery certificate. 


Between 2 – 5 days after certificate is completed.

Every country has a different time frame delivery, once we receive the payment, we will dispatch on the same day or the next day. We will also send to you the shipping tracking number.

As registered express service, it is very safe, so far we haven’t had any issues.